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Saving money can have many different purposes. Perhaps you want to save for a purchase, for a trip abroad or for your pension. Regardless of what you save for, it is smart to place money there to get a stable return with good risk diversification.

Why should you save your money at SaveLend?

  • Stable return

    Compared to the stock market, investments in loans are often more stable. Since the start, the savings strategies have delivered a stable return in line with the target returns.

  • Perfect complement to the stock exchange

    Saving in credits is an excellent way to broaden your savings portfolio and spread your risks.

  • Risk diversification

    When you save in loans at SaveLend, your capital is invested in hundreds of different loans, which means that you spread your risks even further.

What return can you get on your savings?

Since the start, the savings strategies have delivered a stable return in line with the target return of 6.5-7.5% for Balanced and 8.0-10.0% for Yield.
Historical returns are of course no guarantee of future returns, but the stability, compared to other asset classes, of peer-to-peer savings in general and of SaveLend's loans in particular is clearly shown in the graph below.
The calculator is set to an expected return of 7% on invested capital on the platform per year.
I want to save for years

Of which is interest:

How much should you save in loans?

It is of course up to you how much you want to save and where. In the same way, you choose whether you want peer-to-peer loans as your primary savings, or whether it is a supplement. It depends, among other things, on what wishes you have regarding risks, how often you want returns, and what your time perspective looks like.

Therefore, at SaveLend, we have no fixed minimum amounts, but we do have guidelines and recommendations.

Save in p2p loans at SaveLend
To ensure a good spread of risk on your entire portfolio, our recommendation is that you invest part of your saved capital in p2p loans with SaveLend and spread the rest among other asset classes such as shares, funds, properties, etc.

SEK 2,000 on first deposit
This recommendation is also based on achieving good risk diversification. A portfolio should be spread out on as many loans as possible, preferably at least 100-200, corresponding to an investment of SEK 2,000.

Therefore, we recommend SEK 2,000 as a minimum first deposit, but it is of course positive if you have the opportunity to save more than that!

Hur mycket bör du spara i krediter - SaveLend

What is the best way to save money?

There are many reasons to save money! Saving for a pension, a tenancy or for your dream trip can be some of the reasons. Saving money by opening an account at SaveLend means that your capital can grow through returns, instead of sleeping in a traditional savings account with your bank. How much your savings grow largely depends on how long your savings get the opportunity to grow, that you reinvest your return (i.e. compound interest) and what risk you are willing to take. A higher risk on your savings generally means a higher return.

Saving money in loans, that is, p2p loans, just as when it comes to saving money in a portfolio on the stock exchange, is always associated with a certain risk. Just having your savings in a regular bank account is also associated with a kind of risk because your money is unlikely to increase in value in line with inflation (which is around two percent per year). To reduce your overall risk, risk diversification is important. This means, for example, that you spread your capital across industries, markets, sectors and types of investment. In other words, you don't put all your eggs in a basket.

Saving in loans with SaveLend (also called p2p or peer-to-peer) is an excellent way to spread your risks.

SaveLend - What is the best way to save money?

Save for a cash deposit with SaveLend

If you are buying real estate, you can take out a mortgage for a maximum of 85% of the value of the residence. This means that you need a 15% cash deposit, i.e. your own money, in order to buy a residence. This applies regardless of whether you want a cash deposit for an apartment, house, holiday home or another type of residence.

We've gathered some general tips and tricks on things you should keep in mind to get a good saving and achieve your goals!


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