Save money for retirement with SaveLend

Each year, 18.5% of your pensionable income – salary and other taxable benefits – is allocated to your general pension. However, there are good reasons to set up private savings, not least because the income of many Swedes decreases drastically when you stop working; private savings provide opportunities to continue living on your terms.

Saving money by opening an account at SaveLend is an excellent complement to your public pension where you can put aside parts of your income today to, with returns over time on your side, hedge up your future pension.

Save in loans for your retirement!

How much can you save for retirement?

Here you can calculate approximately how much pension you can get by saving with SaveLend. Adjust the starting amount, monthly savings, and savings horizon parameters to see how your capital might change over time.

Yearly target return for our savings strategies is 6,5 -7,5 % for Balanced and 8,0-10,0 % for Yield. The calculator is set to an expected return of 7% on invested capital on the platform per year.

I want to save for years

Of which is interest:

Your opportunity for stable returns

Compared to the stock market, saving in loans is often more stable. SaveLend's target return is 7-9 % per year on invested capital after credit losses and fees, a target that we have reached or exceeded each year since its launch in 2014.

Regardless of how far you have to go until retirement, there is a large upside with a savings form that can give you the opportunity for stable returns in the long term. Save money where they work for you and not the other way around.


Diversify your retirement savings with SaveLend

If you are working in Sweden, you are entitled to a public pension. Some employers also set aside a certain amount each month for occupational pensions, but that is far from all employers who offer it. Regardless of whether your employer offers occupational pension or not, private pension savings are always a good idea, especially in savings forms that give you a return on your saved capital. What is the best way to save money? There are many different ways to save, such as stocks, funds and loans - the most important thing to consider is not to put all the eggs in the same basket. Diversified savings therefore means that you spread your risks.

All savings forms are linked to some form of risk; whether it is the savings account, shares or loans at SaveLend. When it comes to the savings account, for example, the risk may be that your return is lower than inflation (which is about 2 % per year), which would mean that your purchasing power actually decreases. The stock market can have amazing years of growth, but also deep valleys and bubbles. At SaveLend, there is a risk that a borrower to a credit you invest in will not be able to pay off their loan, but this is also a risk that is managed by automatically saving your capital in hundreds of different loans with different borrowers.


Start saving your pension with SaveLend in 4 easy steps:

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    Create an account at SaveLend
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    Choose one or more of SaveLend's savings and investment products
  3. 3
    Transfer any amount
  4. 4
    Your money is automatically invested