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  • Safe and secure - invest with high risk diversification

  • Simple and smooth - fully automated and basis for bookkeeping

  • Favourable and smart - no provisional tax and possibility of tax advantages

Investing in loans as a business For both active and dormant companies

As a business, would you like your money to grow? At SaveLend you can invest in credits, which means that your company's money fund loans to individuals and companies, and in return receive paid out interest.

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    Choose one or more of SaveLend's savings and investment products
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    Transfer any amount
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    Your money is automatically invested

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers related to how you invest as a Business or Institution at SaveLend.

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  • As a business investor, no tax is automatically deducted from your investments - so you get the opportunity to enjoy an "interest-on-interest" effect on all your returns.

  • By default, SaveLend charges are 10% on all interest earned. 

    All investors on our platform, on the other hand, have the opportunity to use our bonus system to reduce this to low 5% through, for example, share ownership (in SaveLend's listed share YIELD) or by investing different levels on our platform:

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  • As an investor at SaveLend, you have the opportunity to tailor the types of loans and loan intermediaries in which your capital is invested.

  • You can withdraw any of the company's funds that are not invested in credits at any time.

    For the capital tied up in investments, we offer a secondary market where the loans can be sold to other investors for a fee to free up capital, which in turn can be withdrawn. 

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  • Yes, just as for our private savers, our corporate investors also have the opportunity to take part in our bonus system.

    See the different levels and how they are achieved below:

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  • Please contact us at if you want to transfer your depot to someone else.

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  • It is excellent to register your company as dormant according to the so-called 5:25 rule and invest the capital from the sale at SaveLend.

    The tax effects that arise depend on the circumstances of the individual case. On you can read more about the conditions that need to be met to take advantage of the favourable tax rules for dormant companies.

    With SaveLend, you can grow your capital by either adapting your investment strategy entirely yourself based on your wishes in terms of risk and potential return, or using our tools to manage all investments completely automatically.

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  • It's just as easy to invest as a business or institution on our investment platform, as for a private individual. You can also export reports with detailed information on all transactions made on the platform. You can then use these as a basis for your company's accounting (SIE4 files).

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