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Black Friday Deal! Get a 2% bonus on all your net deposits in SEK until the end of November, regardless of the deposit method!

This applies to both new and existing savers - create an account and make a deposit right away!

Why save in credits?

  • Yield without luck and timing

  • Stable return and compound interest effect

  • Good diversification - a perfect complement to the stock market

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Terms and conditions to receive the bonus

All deposits in SEK made from November 24* through November 30, 2023, regardless of the deposit method, will be rewarded with a 2% bonus. The bonus is based on the net deposits during the period, whereby deposits followed by withdrawals are not included. There is no limit on the deposits amount and sums.

To receive the bonus, deposits must be made to a depot with active strategy (with at least 10 active credit types for the Freedom strategy) until the end of April 2024. If you pause the strategy during this period, your bonus will be retroactively withdrawn.

The deposit bonus applies to both new and existing accounts and is paid to your SaveLend depot in the beginning of January 2024.

*If you participated in the "1% deposit bonus via Swish" campaign, your bonus on all deposits made via Swish from November 1 to November 23 inclusive will be doubled.

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